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Hunt's Lawn Service Georgia

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Aerating and Overseeding

Our Aerating and Overseeding Services

Why should you aerate your lawn? Because the aerating stimulates thatched decomposition, increases water and air saturation to the soil, as it relieves soil compaction. Aerating the lawn is the most effective during the time when plants are most active and when the soil is moist enough to allow for the deep penetration, therefore usually spring or fall, when the temperatures are cool, thus avoiding bringing shock to the lawn.

In areas where the lawn is heavily compacted (such as where children play, where there is heavy traffic, or parked cars, boats, or equipment), it is of vital importance that the soil be “opened” or “aired” so that air and moisture can easily enter. The holes that the aerating make helps to penetrate the roots of the grass, making better drainage and a healthier lawn. Aerating the soil can remedy these areas where the soil has been heavily compacted. This procedure can also be done before overseeding or putting in new sod.

What is overseeding?

This is the process of seeding on top of an existing lawn, for a thicker, more even look. The optimal time for overseeding is after aerating, as it will add new life to the turf. Summer heat can bake your lawn and make it dry and patchy; overseeding helps to fill in these dry patches, making the existing grass more thick and lush.

Hunt’s Lawn Service can help you get your yard to be the envy of your neighbors. We specialize in fescue grasses that grow well in the regions that we cover, where the growing season is too hot for other cool grasses.

Affordable Aerating and Overseeding Services Dacula, Lawrenceville, Buford, GA, Georgia

Aerating and Overseeding Service Areas

To provide the best service in a prompt manner, we work specifically in the cities of Buford, Dacula, and Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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